Tungsten Carbide Tools


£ £ Thousands of super hard tungsten carbide particles are permanently,metallurgically bonded to strong alloy steel.These blades cut materials most blades can't even scratch.No teeth to dull,strip or snag means smooth cutting action in the toughest materials .Such as ceramic tile,slate,marble,glass,cast iron,steel,fiberglass,cable,chain,etc.
Carbide Hack Saw Blad
Carbide Jig Saw Bladde

Carbide Rod Saw

Diamond Rod Saw


Nested Hole Saw Kit

Carbide Deburring Disc


Carbide Hole Saw Kit

Carbide Hole Saw


Carbide Tipped Hole Saw

Carbide Hole Saw


Grout Saw

Carbide Grout Saw Blade

Carbide Deburring Disc


Carbide Round Saw Files

Hat Suprface Files



Carbide Half Round Files


Tct Mortar Raling

Mesh Emery Cloth


Carbide Rod Saw Frme


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